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Am/fm receiver with bluetooth and fixed face

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Wiring Diagram
  • 2 Control Locations
  • 3 General Operation
  • 4 USB Operation
  • 5 Bluetooth Operation
  • 6 Voice Activation
  • 7 Specifications
  • 8 Troubleshooting
  • 9 Limited One Year Warranty
  • 10 FCC Compliance
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AM/FM Receiver with Bluetooth and Fixed Face

Table ofContents

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Table of Contents


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Summary of Contents for Dual Electronics Corporation XD18BT

  • Page 1 XD18BT INSTALLATION/OWNER'S MANUAL AM/FM Receiver with Bluetooth and Fixed Face...
  • Page 2 XD18BT INSTALLATION Preparation Please read entire manual before installation. Before You Start • Disconnect negative battery terminal. Consult a qualified technician for instructions. • Avoid installing the unit where it would be subject to high temperatures, such as from direct sunlight, or where it would be subject to dust, dirt or excessive vibration.
  • Page 3: Wiring Diagram

    XD18BT INSTALLATION Wiring Diagram FUSE When replacing the fuse, make sure new fuse is the correct type and amperage. Using an incorrect fuse could damage the radio. The unit uses one 10 amp AGC fuse located beside the Heat Sink...
  • Page 4: Control Locations

    XD18BT OPERATION Control Locations Power Auxiliary Input Preset 1 / Play/Pause Microphone Reset Dimmer Preset 6 / Folder Up Volume / Audio Source Preset 5 / Folder Down Tune / Track Up Band/Display Tune / Track Down Preset 4 / Random...
  • Page 5: General Operation

    XD18BT OPERATION General Operation Power On/Off Press the button to turn the unit on. Press again to turn the unit off. Press SOURCE to select between Radio, USB, Auxiliary Changing Modes Input and Bluetooth. Sources of operation are shown in the display.
  • Page 6 XD18BT OPERATION AM/FM Tuner Operation Seek Tuning Press and hold TUNE or TUNE for two seconds to auto seek to the previous or next strong station. Manual Tuning Press TUNE or TUNE momentarily to change radio frequency up or down one step at a time. Press...
  • Page 7: Usb Operation

    XD18BT OPERATION USB Operation Playing MP3 Files To play MP3 files, insert a USB device containing MP3 files. Track Select Press TUNE to skip to the beginning of the next track. Press TUNE to skip to the beginning of the previous track.
  • Page 8: Bluetooth Operation

    XD18BT OPERATION Bluetooth Operation Preparation Before using a Bluetooth device, it must be paired and connected. Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on your device before beginning the pairing process. Pairing a New The head unit broadcasts the pairing signal constantly Device when no devices are connected.
  • Page 9: Voice Activation

    XD18BT OPERATION Dual iPlug P2 Smart App Remote Control Use the Dual iPlug P2 Smart App Remote Control on an Apple or Android smartphone to control the receiver via Bluetooth. Change the mode, station, song, volume, and settings directly from your smartphone without being in the receiver's line-of-sight.
  • Page 10: Specifications

    XD18BT OPERATION Specifications Tuning range: 87.5MHz-107.9MHz FM Tuner Usable sensitivity: 8.5dBf 50dB quieting sensitivity: 10dBf Stereo separation @ 1kHz: >30dB Frequency response: 30Hz-13kHz Tuning range: 530kHz-1710kHz AM Tuner Usable sensitivity: <42dBu Frequency response: 30Hz-2.2kHz Speaker output impedance: 4~8 ohms General Line output voltage: 1.2 Volts RMS...
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    XD18BT OPERATION Troubleshooting Problem Cause Action Yellow wire not connected or incorrect Check connections for proper voltage Red wire not connected or Unit will not turn on voltage (11~16VDC) incorrect voltage (no power) Black wire not connected Check connection to ground...
  • Page 12: Limited One Year Warranty

    XD18BT OPERATION Limited One Year Warranty This warranty gives you specific legal What to do? rights. You may also have other rights 1. Before you call for service, check the which vary from state to state. troubleshooting guide in your owner’s manual.
  • Page 13: Fcc Compliance

    XD18BT OPERATION FCC Compliance This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 14 Dual Electronics Corp. Toll Free: 1-866-382-5476 www.dualav.com ©2023 Dual Electronics Corp. All rights reserved. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. NSA011823-V01...


What is the password for dual xd18bt? ›

The Bluetooth passcode is "1234”. Note: If passcode "1234" does not pair your device to the receiver, use passcode "0000". Note: The head unit can be in any mode of operation when pairing is performed. The head unit supports A2DP wireless streaming audio from a Bluetooth mobile device directly to your head unit.

How do you set the clock on a dual xd28bt? ›

With the unit on, press DISP to display clock time. Press and hold DISP until the hours begins to flash, then release. Rotate the volume knob left or right to adjust the hours, then press DISP. When the minutes begins to flash, rotate the volume knob left or right to adjust the minutes.

How do I reset my duo password? ›

Reset your own forgotten password
  1. Enter the email address that you use to log in to your Duo administrator account.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Click the Forgot Password link.
  4. Enter your email address again and click Submit.
  5. Check your email for your password reset link.
  6. Click the password reset link in the email.

What apps are needed for dual iplugs? ›

The iPlug P2 app connects to compatible Dual receivers via Bluetooth like a wireless remote control.

What apps are needed for a dual Bluetooth radio? ›

Dual iPlug S is an app designed to control certain Dual brand radios. It can select from 4 different sources; Radio mode, USB mode, Bluetooth music mode and AUX mode via Bluetooth control. - Radio mode on the APP allows you to scan and store radio stations or select your favorite radio station via the radio presets.

Why is my Bluetooth radio not pairing? ›

If your Bluetooth devices won't connect, it's likely because the devices are out of range, or aren't in pairing mode. If you're having persistent Bluetooth connection problems, try resetting your devices, or having your phone or tablet "forget" the connection.

How do I activate dual Bluetooth? ›

Turn on Multipoint
  1. On your Android device, tap Settings. Connected devices.
  2. Next to your device, tap Settings .
  3. Tap Multipoint. Use Multipoint.
  4. Connect your headphones with the 2 desired audio source devices. To make sure your headphones are connected, go to Bluetooth settings on the audio source device.

How do I sync dual Bluetooth? ›

To enable this feature:
  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. These steps apply to Samsung devices running Android 8 and higher. ...
  2. Tap Advanced. ...
  3. Turn on the Dual Audio toggle switch.
  4. To use Dual Audio, pair the phone with two speakers, two headphones, or one of each, and audio will stream to both.
May 3, 2024

How does Bluetooth dual pairing work? ›

Simply enter into Pairing Mode while connected to the current two devices, and pair normally to the new device. Once connected to the newly added device, the device that was first paired to your earbuds will be disconnected and you are now paired to two most recently paired devices via Multipoint.

How do I change the time on a dual radio? ›

With the unit on, press and hold DISP until the clock begins to flash, then release. Press TUNE nn to adjust the hours or TUNE llto adjust the minutes. The clock will display 12-hour AM/PM time in USA frequency spacing mode (PM 10:00). In European frequency spacing mode, the clock will display 24-hour time (22:00).

What is the password for my book duo? ›

Yes, by default the My book will only have the Admin user, the username and password is admin/admin, you can change the password from the dashboard but if you forget it you can always press the reset button on your My Book to put it back to the default password without deleting any of your files.

What is the password for AX1800 dual band? ›

Connect to the Wi-Fi called GL-AX1800-xxx, and then input the default Wi-Fi password goodlife, which is also printed on the bottom of the router.

What is the password for Tobii glasses 2? ›

The WLAN password for your Tobii Pro Glasses 2 is “TobiiGlasses” with a capital T and G.

What is the password for TP Link Dual Band? ›

The default login username and password are both admin.

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