Paul McCartney’s Family Guide: His Kids, Grandkids and More (2024)

Paul McCartney’s Family Guide: His Kids, Grandkids and More (1)

Paul McCartney is a family man through and through.

The Beatles icon, who has been married three times, has welcomed five children and eight grandchildren since his rise to stardom began in the 1960s.

In 2023, McCartney opened up about his life as a father and a husband, noting that the two are “completely different things.”

“As far as being a dad is concerned, I’ve always just tried to give my kids a bit of guidance, if they seem to need it — but that was mainly when they were younger,” he wrote. “Now that they are older, they’re guiding me!”

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He added, “They don’t need so much guidance these days but if there’s ever a problem, I’m very happy to be the guy they come to. So, that’s largely the thing of being a dad. You’re just there to help, and I suppose have fun with — we do have a lot of fun. Now [that] they’re older, we can have a drink together, for instance!”

Scroll down for a closer look at McCartney’s family, from daughter Stella to grandson Arthur:

Nancy Shevell

The “Let It Be” singer met the businesswoman in 2007 while staying in the Hamptons. McCartney proposed to Shevell in April 2011 during a “romantic candlelit dinner for two” with a ring worth $650,000, per a source.

The pair tied the knot in London in October 2011 after four years of dating.

Heather McCartney

After marrying his first wife, Linda McCartney, in March 1969, the musician adopted her daughter from a previous relationship, Heather, who was born in 1962. Heather studied printing at the Photographers’ Workshop in London, later winning the Young Black and White Printer of the Year award.

She launched Heather McCartney Houseware Collection — a line of houseware products — in 1999 and continues to work as a potter today.

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Mary McCartney

Paul McCartney’s Family Guide: His Kids, Grandkids and More (4)

Paul and Linda welcomed their first child together just as the Beatles were splitting up in August 1969. Mary pursued her passion for photography, and her work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide and featured in Vogue, GQ and more. In 2015, Mary photographed Queen Elizabeth II in honor of her historic reign.

“It was a thrill to meet her and a very great privilege to take her photo on this historic occasion,” Mary told People at the time. “She is a truly inspirational person, a trailblazer and a beacon for womankind.”

Mary shares two sons with ex-husband Alistair Donald: Arthur, born in 1999, and Elliot, born in 2002. News broke in 2024 that Arthur is dating Bill Gates’ daughter, Phoebe.

In 2008, Mary welcomed son Sam with Simon Aboud, whom she married in 2010. The couple welcomed their second child together, son Sid, in 2011.

Stella McCartney

Paul McCartney’s Family Guide: His Kids, Grandkids and More (5)

Born in 1971, Stella has become arguably the most recognizable of Paul and Linda’s children, achieving independent success as a fashion designer.

Stella and former magazine publisher Alasdhair Willis welcomed their first child, son Miller, in 2005, followed by daughter Bailey in 2006. (One of Bailey’s middle names is Linda in honor of Stella’s late mom, who died in 1998 after battling breast cancer.)

Stella and Willis welcomed son Beckett in 2008, and Paul later revealed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that the little one calls him “Granddude.”

James McCartney

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The youngest child of Paul and Linda, James took after his father and pursued a music career.

In 2024, he collaborated with Sean Ono LennonJohn Lennon’s youngest son — on the song “Primrose Hill.”

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Beatrice McCartney

Following Linda’s death, Paul married Heather Mills in 2002, and the couple welcomed their daughter one year later. Beatrice studies marine biology at the University of Cambridge.

Paul split from his second wife in 2006 when Beatrice was 3 years old, and their divorce was finalized in 2008.

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Mike McCartney

Paul’s younger brother is a performing artist and photographer who was previously a member of the bands The Scaffold (known for their Christmas song “Lily the Pink”) and Grimms. He uses the stage name Mike McGear.

Mike also took the photo used for the cover of Paul’s 2005 solo album, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.

Ruth McCartney

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Born in 1960, Paul’s stepsister has largely avoided the public eye. She is the CEO of McCartneyMultimedia and is also a cofounder of the fan management software company iFanz. Ruth holds the position of president at

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